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Sports teams have trusted RaiseRight to fundraise
for more than 25 years. Here’s why people love it.

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Earn 5x more than other sports team fundraisers

The highest earning sports team on RaiseRight's platform raised $91,837 in 2023.

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Flexible, free programs that meet your team’s needs

RaiseRight makes it easy to maximize, track, and reward your gift card fundraising. And with no program costs or fees, you keep what you earn.

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Unlimited earning potential with no restrictions

Families can raise more than $1,000 in a single year to go toward whatever your team needs.

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Year-round fundraising, without extra effort

Families help your sports team earn by using gift cards for their everyday purchases, so there’s no event setup, no door-to-door selling, and no unnecessary elbow-grease.

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Everyday earning through everyday spending

Raise money just by buying gas, groceries, and other necessities, so there’s no need to shell out extra for things you don’t need.

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Brands give back generously

More than 750 brands give back an average of 6% of each gift card, so no matter your taste or budget, you can make an impact.

A win-win for you and your team

See how Kelli, an ice hockey association fundraising manager, is using RaiseRight to alleviate expenses for fellow families.

Gift card fundraising for sports teams

How Gift Card Fundraising Works

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Buy gift cards

You get the full value of the card. Shop from 750+ popular brands.

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Earn funds

The brand gives back and the earnings from your participants are distributed to your school.

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Allocate earnings

Use funds for whatever you need, like tournament costs, equipment, uniforms, and more.

No-limit sports fundraising means more money for

uniforms and equipment icon

Uniforms and equipment


Travel and transportation

tournament fees icon

Tournament fees

league fees icon

League fees

end of season parties icon

End of season celebrations

field and gym rentals icon

Field and gym rentals


"When my son started hockey and RaiseRight was offered as a way to lower our bill, we decided to try it. That made a huge difference for us because it was convenient and easy. Now that we have a second child playing, it has helped a ton with our bill. All of those weekends traveling for sports, we can use, restaurants, groceries and gas...things we have to do anyway, but now we earn money toward something our kids love to do!"

Heidi, fundraises for her children’s sports teams

Top 10 fundraising ideas for sports teams

Participating in youth sports can be costly, with US families spending up to $40 billion annually—an average of $883 per child per season—in 2022. Despite these expenses, the lifelong benefits of youth sports are undeniable. That's why effective fundraising efforts are crucial for maintaining active teams and fostering healthy habits. Below, we’re sharing 10 exciting and unique youth sports fundraising ideas to meet your team’s goals (and have some fun along the way). 

  • Gift card fundraising

    RaiseRight gift card fundraising is popular among sports teams due to its simplicity and effectiveness—you can earn up to five times more than traditional methods with less ...

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  • Live auction

    If you haven’t been to one before, you’re in for a treat. A live auction, with a fast-rapping auctioneer and flashing paddles, can be a raucous occasion. The excitement of ...

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  • Silent auction

    Enhance your youth sports fundraiser with a silent auction—pair this with other events like live auctions, restaurant nights, or end-of-season banquets. ...

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  • Chore squads

    If your team members and families are willing to get their hands dirty, how about a chore squad? You can either ...

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  • Ongoing sponsorships

    Tap into your team's family connections, professional networks, or locally owned businesses for sponsors. Cold calling can also ...

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  • Limited sponsorship

    If securing ongoing sponsorship is challenging, propose one-day or one-week events to local businesses. They would ...

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  • All-you-can-eat meals

    Utilize community spaces like schools or churches with kitchen facilities to organize dining events (and skip the middleman). Offer options such as ...

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  • Organize a tournament

    Consider hosting a golf tournament for fundraising if you have access to a course, knowledgeable volunteers, and a sizable participant pool. Ensure thorough ...

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  • Organize a tailgate party

    Host a ticketed tailgate party before one of your team's events or a professional sporting event near you. Tailgate fundraisers range from ...

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  • Team photo gifts

    Among youth sport fundraising ideas, team photo calendars are a tried-and-true practice. Take it a step further by ...

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