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RaiseRight makes fundraising easy

We help nonprofit organizations and their members to raise money with gift cards as an effortless part of their everyday lives.

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A history of redefining fundraising

For more than 25 years, RaiseRight has been empowering individuals and families to use gift cards to turn their everyday spend into funding for their school, sports team, church and more. Unlike paying with cash or credit cards, every time participants purchase or reload their favorite brand gift cards from RaiseRight, they earn real money that goes directly toward their designated organization. It’s that simple.  

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50,000 organizations

impacted by RaiseRight

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$800+ million

raised for nonprofits

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100+ million

gift cards purchased

Small efforts. Big impact.

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An easier way to raise funds

From the beginning, we set out to create an easier, more fulfilling way for families and supporters across the U.S. to raise funds for the organizations and activities they care about most. We saw an opportunity to help organizations fundraise in a way that didn’t require more time or money from themselves or their friends and family.

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Connecting brands with local communities

The idea of using gift cards to earn funds while purchasing the everyday items and services people are already buying was an easy, practical way to generate a significant and ongoing stream of funding. And so, ShopWithScrip, now known as RaiseRight, was born—creating a powerful and convenient platform that connects fundraisers to hundreds of well-known retailers and brands. 

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Simply the right way to fundraise

Today, our goal has not changed. In fact, we’re more committed than ever to delivering the easiest, most effective ways for participants to fundraise in a way that fits into their life and budget. Gift cards make fundraising an everyday, effortless part of life.

“We love that gift cards keep us on budget for gas, food, shopping, and more. Getting back free money without nagging friends and family for the normal fundraisers has been the best part. RaiseRight is helping every child be able to live their dreams—every team, gym, school should have this program in place.”

Jenna, fundraises for her daughter's cheer team

Our Leadership

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Louis Agnese


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Jill Whalen


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Will Bowlin



Mike Turner



Joe Mattleman



Kyle Kooienga

Sr. Director, Finance

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Jen Becker

Sr. Director, Partner Sales

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Emily Ploeg

Director of Operations & Customer Service

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