Understanding School Choice

Children in the U.S. have the privilege of accessing free public education—but sometimes, public school isn’t the best option. School Choice allows families to devote their child’s portion of public education funds to the educational setting that suits them best, even outside the public sector.

School vouchers
School Vouchers

Use public funding to pay tuition at a 
private institution.

Education savings accounts
Education Savings Accounts (ESA)

Pay for approved education-related expenses
with a publicly funded savings account.

Tax credit scholarships
Tax Credit Scholarships

Work with educational nonprofits to 
source scholarships and earn tax credits 
for your donations.

Tax credits and deductions
Tax Credits and Deductions

Utilize state income tax relief for associated educational expenses.

Note that only state governments can authorize and establish School Choice programs and ESAs. Schools must meet eligibility criteria, and setting up these programs involves considerable time, expenses, and organizational hurdles.

Parents can only use School Choice awards at certain schools that meet the requirements. Parents cannot independently initiate a School Choice program; instead, they must participate in existing programs that are authorized and administered by the state.

Explore School Choice in your state

Get detailed information about the School Choice programs in your state, and learn
more about your family’s eligibility status. Compare options to determine how much you can
save (and what you need pay out-of-pocket).

Don’t see your state listed here? We’ll continue to add information about other states as more details become available. In the meantime, learn how to set up a free tuition reduction incentive
program for your school
with RaiseRight.

Program Name Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Low-Income Corporate Income Tax Credit Scholarship Program
Type Education Savings Account (ESA) Tax-Credit Scholarship
Maximum Award  $7,000 $2,927
Eligible Expenses Tuition, educational therapies, online ed, private tutoring, future educational expenses, etc. Tuition
Avg. Yearly Tuition $10,244 $10,244
Program Name Education Scholarship Account Program Choice Scholarship Program
Type Education Savings Account (ESA) Voucher
Maximum Award  $6,203 $5,854
Eligible Expenses Tuition, educational therapies, individual classes, special needs services, testing fees, transportation, etc. Tuition
Avg. Yearly Tuition $7,143 $7,143
Program Name Education Savings Account Program School Tuition Organization Tax Credit
Type Education Savings Account (ESA) Tax-Credit Scholarship
Maximum Award  $7,413 $1,465
Eligible Expenses Tuition, tutoring, credential, therapies, online learning, etc. Tuition
Avg. Yearly Tuition $6,332 $6,332
Program Name Income-Based Scholarship Program Educational Choice Scholarship Program
Type Voucher Voucher
Maximum Award  $5,512 $6,036
Eligible Expenses Tuition Tuition
Avg. Yearly Tuition $7,892 $7,892
Program Name K–12 Private School Tuition Deduction Parental Choice Program (Statewide)
Type Tax Credit/Deduction Voucher
Maximum Award  $5,055 $10,443
Eligible Expenses Tuition Tuition
Avg. Yearly Tuition $5,057 $5,057

Maximize School Choice benefits

Use these strategies to make the most of School Choice funds and offset out-of-pocket costs.

Supplement School Choice benefits with RaiseRight

By combining publicly funded benefits through School Choice and cost-free, convenient tuition reduction opportunities through RaiseRight, you can cover up to 100% of your child’s private school education and set them up for a lifetime of success.

Most School Choice awards only cover tuition, but RaiseRight offers unlimited earning potential with no caps. We give you the means to fund expenses beyond tuition that School Choice doesn’t cover, like uniforms, textbooks, sports gear, band equipment, supplies, field trips—you name it.

Gift cards

You’re already shopping from at least one of our hundreds of brand partners—put those dollars to work, and earn back money that funnels directly to your child’s education.


Raise funds from anywhere, 24/7, and in whatever format is most convenient for you—whether you’re buying groceries, getting gas, traveling, or taking the kids out for ice cream, RaiseRight has a gift card for every need.

Earnings for your cause

We understand that when it comes to your child’s education, the sky’s the limit. That’s why RaiseRight participants enjoy unlimited earning potential—no caps on how much you can earn toward tuition or other educational expenses.

Envision just how much you can earn

With RaiseRight, you can stack up impressive earnings from everyday purchases and expenses. You’re simply redirecting money you'd be spending anyway to support your child's education.

Compare your household budget to the chart below and discover just how much you could be earning right now.

Expense Category Monthly Budget* RaiseRight Earnings Avg RaiseRight Annual Earnings
Groceries $1000 4% $480
Gasoline $300 3% $108
Dining Out $250 10% $300
Entertainment $200 8% $192
Clothing $250 8% $240
Home Improvement $100 4% $48
Total $1,368

*Based on average spend for a household family of 4

With RaiseRight brand partners offering rebates as high as 20%, it’s easy to earn $1,000+ annually. Combine your RaiseRight earnings with School Choice benefits to potentially offset your child's entire tuition.

Frequently asked questions

What is School Choice?

“School Choice” is an umbrella term used to describe a variety of publicly funded programs in the United States that offer alternative options to traditional public schooling.

Within the public school system, School Choice programs cover open enrollment, charter schools, and magnet schools. School Choice can even channel your child’s allotment of public education funds into the private sector with Education Savings Accounts, tuition vouchers, and tax credits/deductions.

How are School Choice programs funded?

School Choice programs are publicly funded. Whether a family decides to send their child to a public school in a different district, a magnet school that caters to their child’s unique talents, or a private institution, School Choice is built to uphold American children’s right to equal access to public education resources under the 14th Amendment.

Is my family eligible for School Choice?

School Choice programs and eligibility requirements vary from state to state. The EdChoice dashboard is a good place to research your state’s unique requirements. 

How does RaiseRight work?

RaiseRight is a gift card fundraising platform. Put simply, our participants purchase brand-name gift cards through our platform and earn high-percentage rebates on every purchase, anywhere from 1 to 20%, with an average of 6%. The money you earn through RaiseRight can be used for your child’s education. Thousands of private schools are already working with RaiseRight to offset tuition and fees for their students.

Since we work with hundreds of popular, well-known brands, RaiseRight users can easily incorporate fundraising into their everyday lives without additional time, costs, or stress. Browse our brands to see how RaiseRight can fit seamlessly into your family’s lifestyle.

Can I use RaiseRight with a state-run School Choice program at my school?

Certainly! We encourage you to leverage School Choice benefits available in your state and integrate RaiseRight for additional support. While many School Choice programs primarily cover tuition, RaiseRight can mitigate any remaining out-of-pocket expenses.

Keep in mind that enrolling and launching a RaiseRight program for your school only takes about 2-3 days, while becoming an ESA-eligible school requires more time.

My state isn’t listed here. Where can I find more information?

If your state isn’t currently listed here, check out EdChoice’s “School Choice in America” dashboard. There, you can see each state’s available program offerings.