What are my options for School Choice in Ohio?

There are several School Choice tax credits, scholarships, and vouchers for Ohio residents. Key options include the Cleveland Scholarship Program (for Cleveland residents) and the Education Choice Scholarship Program (for those outside Cleveland). Other income-based and special needs vouchers are also available.

Option #1

Ohio Education Choice Scholarship Program
Education Choice Scholarship Program

Ohio’s state-level Education Choice Scholarship Program is a voucher-based program available to students living outside of Cleveland. Depending upon the family’s income level, ECSP could potentially pay for a child’s tuition and travel expenses in full.

Option #2

Cleveland Scholarship Program
Cleveland Scholarship Program

Families that reside within the Cleveland Metropolitan School District should apply for the Cleveland Scholarship Program. It has the same funding potential as the state-wide ECSP but is catered specifically to Cleveland. Preference is granted to households whose annual income is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Comparing all Ohio School Choice offerings

Program Name Type Maximum Award  Eligible Expenses Average Yearly Tuition
K–12 Nonchartered Private School Tax Credit Tax Credit/Deduction $1,500 Tuition $7,892
K–12 Home Education Tax Credit Tax Credit/Deduction $250 Home education expenses including supplies, books, software, subscriptions, applications, etc. $7,892
Ohio Tax-Credit Scholarship Program Tax-Credit Scholarship $750 Donations to SGOs $7,892
Income-Based Scholarship Program Voucher $5,512 Tuition $7,892
Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program Voucher $10,801 Tuition, therapies, and IEP services for children with special needs $7,892
Educational Choice Scholarship Program Voucher $6,036 Tuition $7,892
Autism Scholarship Program Voucher $26,639 Private provider education services, including private school tuition $7,892
Cleveland Scholarship Program Voucher $6,092 Tuition $7,892

Education Choice Scholarship Program

Applying for Ohio’s Education Choice Scholarship program is relatively easy. First, you and your child need to find a private institution that’s right for you. Once your child applies and is accepted, you’ll work in partnership with that Choice school to fill out the ECSP application. The school will then submit your application on your behalf.

The application window for the 2024-2025 school year starts February 1st, 2024 and ends June 30th, 2025.

In order to qualify, your child must

  • Have proof of enrollment in Ohio
  • Have proof of residency in Ohio
Mother helping young child with homework

Families whose annual income does not exceed 450% of the Federal Poverty Level may be granted up to $6,166/annually for K-8th grades, and $8,408/annually for high school. Families with income above 450% of the FPL may be granted aid on a prorated scale.

Private school student studying with laptop and headphones

It’s important to note that ECSP scholarships are chiefly dedicated to covering tuition costs, and the amount of funds granted won’t exceed the total cost of a child’s tuition. In addition, children granted ECSP scholarships are entitled to transportation to and from their private institution, provided by the resident district.

Cleveland Scholarship Program

The Cleveland Scholarship Program is a region-specific version of Ohio’s School Choice voucher system. It’s largely similar to ECSP, with a few changes. 

Interested Cleveland residents can read more about the program on the Ohio Department of Education’s website, or browse more information here.

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Average Ohio yearly private school tuition
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*Based on average spend for a household family of 4