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Account & Payment

How to find my enrollment code

An Enrollment Code is provided to the coordinator of your organization. Members of an organization can contact the coordinator to request an enrollment code.

How to reset my username or password

Go to the sign-in screen and click on “Forgot Username or Password?”. Then follow the steps to reset.

How to view my earnings

Go your Dashboard within Account. You will see your earnings for the last 3 months, 6 months, and year. The earnings shown are based on your total purchases and may not represent your organization’s distribution policy if they only share a certain percentage of earnings with you. 

How to receive my earnings

Earnings are distributed directly to your organization, depending on which payment method you use. Please visit Receiving Organization Earnings for more information. 

Coordinators can track earnings to each participant using reporting tools, so they know exactly how much you have earned. Each organization has their own earning requirements, rebate sharing percentages, etc. If you are a participant, please check with your coordinator to learn more about how your earnings are applied. 

How to track the balance of my gift cards

Balances for eGift cards will update when you view the eGift card in your Wallet. For some brands, you may see a note that the balance must be tracked manually.  

To check the balance for these eGift cards, and your physical gift cards, you can visit the brand’s website. The website address or phone number to check balance information is typically provided in the eGift card terms and conditions or on the back of the gift card.  

How do participants pay for gift card orders?

If your organization allows online payments, you will have the option to pay using a bank account, debit card, or credit card. These options will be available to you in your cart during checkout if you are able to pay online. 

What if my organization doesn’t allow online payments?

Your organization may require payment directly to the coordinator, typically via cash or check. Please contact your coordinator to discuss ordering and payment options for your group. Please note, this may limit your ability to access program features like shipping gift cards direct to your home.  

How does my organization pay for gift card orders?

The fastest and most secure method of payment is ACH transfer, which allows us to electronically debit a bank account belonging to your organization for the amount of the order.  

If you can’t set up electronic payment, you can pay for your organization’s order with a check from the organization’s account (not a personal check). If you pay by check, we cannot begin processing the order until after we receive it. Learn more in our Organization Terms of Use

How to update payment information

Go to Settings in your Account tab to update your Payment Options information.  

Participants pay a small fee for online payments: 

Bank account: $0.29 convenience fee on each transaction (flat fee regardless of your order size) 

Debit card: 1% convenience fee on each transaction (based on total value of order)

Credit card: 2.6% fee on each transaction (based on total value of order)  

Why don’t I need to enter a PIN when paying with my bank account?

This extra step is no longer required due to additional security steps. Transactions are secure and protected by your unique login and/or biometric login on the mobile app. You’re also automatically logged out after a brief period of inactivity, so your transactions and account information are protected. 

How to find my coordinator’s contact information

Sign into your RaiseRight account and visit your Dashboard under Account. Your coordinator information will be listed on your Dashboard on the website. If you are on the mobile app, click on Contact My Coordinator to locate their information.

How to change the organization I’m earning for

If you earn for multiple fundraising groups, you can update this by signing into your account on Visit Account > Settings to manage which organization is selected as your Default Organization.

How do I delete my RaiseRight account?

If you would like to delete your RaiseRight account, log in to the RaiseRight mobile app and navigate to Account > Delete My Account > Delete Account. To send an account delete request via email, please contact us at [email protected].

eGift Cards

What are eGift cards?

Electronic gift cards (eGift cards) can be used for online and in-store purchases. eGift cards are immediately delivered to your Wallet.

How to view and use my eGift cards

eGift cards can be viewed and redeemed from your Wallet. Most cards can be scanned at a retailer’s register from your smartphone in the Wallet, but a few will need the gift card number entered manually. Some brands require a printed copy of the eGift card to redeem. To print an eGift card, open the eGift card in your Wallet and print. You may have to do this from the website if you do not have a printer connected to your mobile app.

Read the eGift card’s Redemption Instructions for more information.

Can I delete eGift cards that have a $0.00 balance?

No, eGift cards cannot be deleted from your Wallet. eGift cards at a zero balance can be Archived. To Archive means eGift cards are removed from your active list of My Cards in the Wallet.

Can I reload my eGift cards?

No, eGift cards are not reloadable.

How to recover an eGift card that’s been archived

Go to the Wallet. Tap Archive, then select Filter > Card Type > eGift Card > Brand > Name of Retailer > Show Items. Once selected, tap Unarchive.

How to send an eGift card as a gift to someone

We offer functionality on our website,, and on the RaiseRight mobile app to schedule and/or send an eGift card as a gift to someone else via email. You will find this option on the brand page for each eGift card.

To learn more, watch the how-to video to send as a gift on the website, or on the app

How to print my eGift cards from the mobile app

If your phone is connected to a printer, you can print your eGift card just like any other document. Or you can go to to print from your desktop account. Sign in with account information and access your eGift cards to print by going to Dashboard > Wallet> click the name of the retailer to reveal the PDF to print.

Physical Gift Cards

What are physical gift cards?

Physical gift cards are traditional plastic retailer gift cards.

Can I add money to my physical gift cards?

Yes, many brands offer physical gift cards that can be reloaded electronically online. To add money to a reloadable card, go to the Wallet and choose “Add Card” to add it to your Wallet. Then, when your balance is running low, select the gift card from your Wallet and choose “Add Money” to keep earning with the same gift card.

Note: You can only add money to reloadable physical gift cards purchased from RaiseRight

I tried to add money to a reloadable physical gift card and it’s not working. Why?

It usually means you need to buy and register a new gift card. Here are some of the reasons why—you’ll also get an email with an explanation:

  • You’ve added money to the same gift card too many times. (This is different for each brand; some allow you to add money up to 99 times.)
  • The gift card was purchased more than 12 months ago.
  • The gift card had a $0.00 balance for more than 60 days.

You can also doublecheck to see if the gift card you are attempting to reload requires overnight processing. This only applies to a few brands, noted in the General Information available for that brand.

Orders & Returns

How to change an order

If you are a program participant and placed a physical gift card order, you may be able to update your order by contacting your coordinator or RaiseRight Customer Support.

Money added to reloadable cards and eGift card purchases process immediately and cannot be cancelled or returned.

If you are a coordinator and are placing an organization order, please note that physical card orders cannot be changed once they have started processing or have been billed. If the order has not started processing, you can make changes to the shipping address by going to the PO Manager and selecting “Edit PO.” Any adjustments to products must be made by Customer Support.

How to view order history

You can view your order history by signing into your account and selecting Account > Order History.

How to return gift cards

If the order contains eGift cards or money added to reloadable cards, they’re delivered directly to participant accounts and cannot be canceled or returned.

If you need to cancel a physical gift card purchase, please contact your coordinator or RaiseRight Customer Support right away. We will check the status of the order and, if possible, remove the physical gift card from your order.

See our Return Policy for more details.

I haven’t received my order. What should I do?

Physical gift cards: These are delivered to your coordinator, so please check with them for an update. If you ordered cards to ship directly to your home, please allow up to 14 days and then call RaiseRight Customer Support.

eGift cards: eGift cards may take a few minutes to appear in your Wallet. If you don’t see the eGift card you just purchased in your Wallet, try refreshing it after a few minutes. If you still don’t see it, check your Order History within Account to see if your order is pending. You will also receive an email confirming your order or explaining why it may not be available for use.

Ship to Home

What is Ship to Home?

This option allows participants to select from 250+ brands of physical gift cards that are eligible to ship directly to their home. While some cards can only be ordered for delivery to the organization coordinator, these can be ordered and paid for online and shipped directly to the address you provide for added convenience.

Please note that this option is only available if you have an online account and your organization allows online payment directly to RaiseRight with a bank account or credit card.

What brands are eligible?

Currently, more than 250 popular brands are eligible to ship home. We’ll continue working with our brand partners to keep adding more to the list.

When searching a category, you can filter by product type and choose “Ship to Home Eligible.” Or, when viewing a brand’s gift card page, look for “Ship to Home Eligible” in the description.

What is the shipping cost?

There is a shipping and handling fee on every order using Ship to Home. It will vary depending on the number of gift cards you order and the shipping method you select. For gift cards shipped using U.S. Postal Service Mail, the fee is $.50 postage per order, and $.50 per card for a total of $1.00 - $8.50 per order. For UPS, the fee is $11.00 or $16.00 based on the method selected, plus $.50 handling fee per card for a total of $11.50 - $24 per order. You’ll see the total amount at checkout.

How do I track my shipment?

If you order using U.S. Postal Service, there is no tracking information provided. If you upgrade to UPS, your tracking information will be provided at time of order.

Is the earning % different if I ship gift cards to home?

No. Earnings remain the same regardless of shipping method.

How many gift cards can I add to an order?

Up to 16 gift cards. If you need more, you can place additional orders.

Can I include eGift cards and gift cards that are eligible for ship to home in the same order?

Yes. Your order can include a mix of different product types and delivery types. You will receive separate notifications when your eGift cards are ready and when your gift cards have been shipped.

What if my order includes a mix of gift cards that are eligible for ship to home and some that ship to my organization?

Your order will be automatically divided into two and shipped to the corresponding location. You will see this on your order confirmation. Gift cards that are shipped to your organization will be distributed according to your coordinator’s schedule. You only pay one transaction fee.

How are orders shipped? How long does it take?

Orders are fulfilled Monday – Friday and delivery times will vary based on the delivery method selected.  

U.S. Postal Service Mail and UPS Ground orders received by noon ET will ship out the next business day. For orders using UPS overnight, orders in by noon ET will ship out the same business day. 

Delivery times apply starting when your order leaves our fulfillment center:   

  • U.S. Postal Service: standard delivery times vary based on location and time of year 
  • UPS Ground: typically, 1 – 5 days based on location and time of year 
  • UPS Next Day Air: next business day 

Note: If you order more than $500 in gift cards, you’ll be required to upgrade to one of the UPS delivery options.  

What should I do if my gift cards don’t arrive?

Please contact our Customer Support team and they’d be happy to help. If you shipped your gift cards using U.S. Postal Service, delivery times are not guaranteed and can vary depending on time of year. We require 14 business days before replacing or refunding any missing cards.

I don’t see the option for Ship to Home for my address. Why?

There may be two reasons. First, make sure you have the latest version of the app installed on your phone. You can check your app store to see if a new update is available.

Or, if your organization doesn’t allow you to use online payment to pay RaiseRight directly for your orders using a bank account or credit card, you won’t see this as an option in your program. Please talk to your coordinator to see if this is an option for your organization.

Can I cancel or refund my order?

No. Orders for eGift cards, money added to reloadable gift cards, and gift cards shipped directly to a participant (‘Ship to Home’ orders) are final and not returnable. If you ordered a card by mistake, you could contact your coordinator to see if there is an opportunity to sell that gift card through your fundraising program.

Can I ship gift cards to an address outside of the U.S.?

No. Shipping is available in the U.S. only, including Hawaii and Alaska.

Program Management

What elements of my fundraising program can I customize?

Coordinators can choose whether physical cards are shipped directly to program participants or combined into a single bulk order. Bulk orders are distributed by Coordinators.

Can I turn off the ability for participants to choose “Pay Coordinator Directly”?

Yes. To turn "Pay Coordinator Directly" off for your program participants, log in to your Coordinator Dashboard, select Organization Settings, and turn the "Pay Coordinator" toggle OFF. Disabling this feature removes the payment option for participants and limits their direct payment options to using ACH (a linked a bank account) or credit card. To learn more, visit Organization Settings FAQs.

We recommend that you inform your participants about their options to pay directly online with their bank account or credit card, and the benefit of using these payment options to receive eGift cards immediately vs. waiting for you to collect and approve their payment. 

Can we limit our program to eGift cards only?

You can turn off the option for participants to select "Ship to Coordinator" at checkout, which will limit their ordering options to eGift cards, adding money on existing reloadable gift cards, or physical cards eligible for Ship to Home.  

To learn more, visit Organization Settings FAQs.

How do we request new brands that we’d like to add to the program?

We are continually talking to national and regional retail brands to try and get them involved in our program. Sometimes the brands are limited because of their gift card offering or conflicts with other community-based initiatives they are running. For brands that we don’t offer, you can encourage participants to buy general purpose gift cards, including Visa and American Express, so they can still earn on brands that don’t participate.

How do we add local brands to our program?

As a coordinator, you can determine if there are local brands or retailers you’d like to work with to include in your program.

To invite them, you can use this example letter template to explain how the program works and how they can get involved. 

Once you have coordinated with the local retailer and determined the earnings % they will offer, you can set these up for participants to see when they shop online. Note: Local retailers you add will only show up for your organization, along with the 750+ brands we offer.  

To add a local retailer, go to your Coordinator Dashboard > Local Suppliers, then select NEW SUPPLIER to enter their information. Next, add their gift card product information under Local Products, including the name and dollar amounts available to shop. 

Can we place special orders for gift cards if the amount we want is not offered online?

A special order may be possible depending on the retail brand and amount you are looking for. Visit our Special Orders page to learn more.

Please note that special orders may not be available during December due to higher order volume during the holiday season. Email [email protected] to check availability.

Can non-profit organizations share a portion of the earnings from gift card fundraising with participants?

One of the particularly exciting aspects of gift card fundraising, compared to other forms of fundraising, is that sharing a portion of the money raised with your program’s participants is uniquely permitted. On behalf of our non-profit organizations, we enlisted the help of one of the nation’s largest and most respected accounting and tax firms to ask the Internal Revenue Service for guidance. The result of those efforts is what is known as a private letter ruling, issued in July 2009. In 2014, we had our tax advisors review all the information published by the IRS since the 2009 ruling, and they again confirmed our understanding.   

Sharing a portion of the money raised is accomplished through the definition of the money raised as a rebate and defining which portion of that rebate belongs to the participant, not the organization. Once you have defined a portion of the rebate as belonging to the participant, they can choose to either assign that portion to fees they owe their organization (i.e., tuition, band camp fees, ice time, etc.), or they can choose to donate that rebate portion to the organization and consider it a legitimate charitable contribution. Both strategies are proven to help coordinators maximize participation and fundraising. See the sample agreement to use when sharing rebates with your participants.  

See the resources below for more information: 

Overview of tax questions and Private Letter Ruling > 

Overview of sharing rebates with participants > 

Frequently asked questions on tax topics for gift card fundraising programs > 

As a private school coordinator exploring School Choice and ESA, can I integrate RaiseRight with School Choice or ESA benefits?

Certainly! We encourage you to leverage School Choice benefits available in your state and integrate RaiseRight for additional support. While many School Choice programs primarily cover tuition, RaiseRight can mitigate any remaining out-of-pocket expenses. Check out our School Choice resource hub to learn more.

Are there tax implications to non-profit organizations or participants when participating in gift card fundraising?

On behalf of our non-profit organizations, we enlisted the help of one of the nation’s largest and most respected accounting and tax firms to ask the Internal Revenue Service for guidance. The result of those efforts is what is known as a private letter ruling, issued in July 2009. In 2014, we had our tax advisors review all the information published by the IRS since the 2009 ruling, and they again confirmed our understanding.  If properly managed, gift card fundraising does not violate any of the IRS tax code for non-profit organizations, nor does it expose your participants to additional income tax exposure 

Visit our Tax Topics FAQs for a copy of the Private Letter Ruling and more information.  

We have a new coordinator managing our program. How do we update this in our account?

You can change coordinators within your organization’s RaiseRight account as long as you have access to the existing coordinator account and the person taking over as the new coordinator has an existing, online account created with your organization. If you have an organization PIN, make sure to pass it on to the new coordinator. 

Follow these steps:  

  1. Sign into the coordinator account and update your organization’s Profile under Account Settings.  This is the name that is displayed to your organization participants on their Dashboard. 
  2. Navigate to Coordinator Functions > Coordinator Roles, located on your Dashboard. Click CHANGE COORDINATOR to select the new account you would like to assign with the coordinator functions.  

When you log out, you can start using the new coordinator account moving forward.  

If you don’t have access to the current coordinator account, please send a coordinator change request on your organization’s letterhead to [email protected]. Be sure to include all contact information for the new coordinator.

Our organization is in Ohio. Why are the earnings different than other states?

Participating organizations located in Ohio have different rebates than are available in other states due to the Ohio Commercial Activity Tax. This is a 0.26% tax of gross receipts (total sales), and it applies to all business transactions in the state of Ohio, including your gift card purchases from us. 

Because of the Ohio Commercial Activity Tax we have had to reduce rebates for our Ohio organizations by the amount needed to cover the estimated cost of the tax. This reduction is 0.26% of the face value of each gift card, eGift card, or reload. For example, the rebate on a card that is normally 10% will be 9.74% for Ohio organizations. The actual rebates available in Ohio will be reflected on when you are logged in to an account linked to an organization located in Ohio, and all reporting and packing slips will reflect the actual rebates earned.  

If you have further questions about this, please feel free to contact our RaiseRight Customer Support Team. 

How do we turn off our organization’s fundraising program?

Please contact RaiseRight Customer Support and we’ll be happy to assist to make sure all your accounts are closed, and all earnings have been distributed.