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Last updated 5.2.2022

This Return and Refund Policy is incorporated into and deemed a part of the RaiseRight Terms of Use and is a legal agreement between you and RaiseRight, LLC (“RR”). All terms not defined in this Return Policy are as defined in the RaiseRight Terms of Use.  In the event of any direct conflict with the Terms of Use, the Terms of Use control.

Gift cards are like cash and should be treated as such.  In most cases, it is not possible to recover funds on a lost or stolen gift card. RR is not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards.

If you happen to order gift cards by mistake, it’s best to try to find a buyer within your Organization. However, sometimes you may wish to return gift cards. For this reason, we have developed a limited return and refund policy:

Return of unused, physical gift cards in original condition with the full initial balance remaining on the card:
  • Return requests must come from a Coordinator of the Organization.

  • Returns must receive written approval from a member of RaiseRight’s Customer Support Team.

  • Once our Customer Support Team approves the return in writing, the Coordinator will be mailed a Return Product Request Form to fill out and send back with the returned gift cards and original sales packing slip.

  • Returns must be made within 30 days of the order date.

  • Returned gift cards must be in the original state (written on, stapled, expired, or altered gift cards are non-returnable).

  • Refunds for the net cost of the value on the card, after rebate is deducted, less any applicable fees, will be credited to the Organization’s account upon receipt of the return, and the organization is responsible for reimbursing the family if applicable.

  • There will be a fee of 10% of the face value, with a minimum of $5.00, charged to the organization on all returns and exchanges. The organization will also be charged a fee for the return shipping label.

  • Orders for eGift cards, money added to reloaded gift cards, and gift cards shipped directly to a family (‘Ship to Home’ orders) are in general final and not returnable or refundable.
Refund for the value of unused eGift and reloaded gift cards in limited cases:
  • In most cases, sales are final and not eligible for refund.

  • In limited cases, in our sole discretion on a case-by-case basis, RR may be able to have some or all of the remaining funds removed from an eGift or reloadable gift card.

  • Requests to have funds removed must come from the member of the organization that purchased the card in a written request via email, and the Coordinator of the Organization must be included in the request.

  • If any funds are able to be removed successfully from the card, the Organization’s account will be credited for the net cost of the value on the card, after the rebate is deducted, less a fee of up to $20. The organization is responsible for reimbursing the member that purchased the card if applicable.

RR retains final authority and discretion, in its business judgment, as to whether a proposed return and/or refund request meets the above requirements and/or any other requirement in the Terms of Use.  RR may also decline any proposed return in the event we believe fraud or other wrongdoing is involved. Gift cards returned because of an error by RR will be fully refunded and all postage and handling costs will be reimbursed. In the event of a store closure, RR will refund the complete purchase price of any certificate shipped in the last 45 days, provided RR is able to obtain similar reimbursement from the vendor of the closed store.

Have additional questions?

Give us a call at 1-800-727-4715 Option 3, or email us at [email protected].