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How Gift Card Fundraising Works

Discover the most convenient way to earn money for what matters most. Offset the cost of school, athletics and music programs, or donations—just by using gift cards to pay for everyday expenses.

With RaiseRight, you don't have to sell goods, plan events, or ask for money. It's the easiest, fastest, and most reliable fundraising solution.

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Illustration of using gift cards to pay for groceries, clothing, gas, and more


Earn up to 5x more than other fundraisers.


100% of earnings go back to your organization. It's free to join—no minimums, no earning caps.


Over 50,000 organizations
trust RaiseRight as their #1 fundraising platform.

Gift cards that give back

Earn anywhere, anytime with everyday purchases. It’s fundraising that fits your lifestyle. 

Buy a gift card icon

Let’s say you buy a $100 Gap eGift card from
RaiseRight with 14% earnings. Pay with your
bank account, debit card, or credit card. 

Wallet icon

Your $100 eGift card is delivered to your
online RaiseRight Wallet instantly, ready to
use or save for later.

Earnings icon

With a 14% rebate, you automatically earn $14
for your fundraising account. Way to go! 

GAP icon

Your earnings come from the brand, so no
extra money comes out of your pocket. 

Watch the earnings add up

With RaiseRight, the earning potential is limitless. Participants can shop and use gift cards 24/7, 365 days a year, with many earners surpassing $1,000+ each year.

Expense Category Monthly Budget* RaiseRight
Earnings Avg
Annual Earnings
Groceries $1,000 4% $480
Gas & Auto $350 3% $126
Dining Out $350 10% $420
Entertainment $300 8% $288
Clothing $250 8% $240
Home Improvement $250 4% $120
Total $1,674

*Based on average spend for a household family of 4

It’s the no-brainer fundraiser

Hear from some of our top program coordinators as they share how they’ve maximized value through gift card fundraising.

The power of gift card fundraising
Private school teacher helping student on laptop in classroom

“We currently have two kids in private school and have been using RaiseRight since our oldest started kindergarten in 2017. We order physical gift cards monthly for groceries, gas, and gifts. And if we dine out or need to cover unexpected expenses, we use the mobile app to buy eGift cards. Thanks to RaiseRight, we’re saving almost $1,000 each year on tuition! ”

Angie B.

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Still have questions?

What is scrip?

Scrip is defined as a substitute for legal tender or a form of credit and is also a term for gift card fundraising. RaiseRight was formerly called ShopWithScrip until 2022 when the company underwent a full rebrand.

Is there a fee to join?

No. Starting a program is free, with no minimum order requirements. To run a program, fees vary based on how your participants order and pay for gift cards. 

Do we have to be a registered 501(c)(3) organization to join?

No. We do not require this information to start a program, but we do go through a manual approval process to make sure your organization is a U.S. community-based organization that isn’t for individual benefit or for-profit.

Why is a payment method required to set up a program?

Earnings are distributed to your organization, not the individual participants, so the payment method designates how these funds will go back to your organization. Think of it like setting up automatic payment for utilities or other ongoing services to provide a convenient and secure transfer of money.

How are physical gift cards delivered?

Our standard program offering includes the option to ship gift cards to the organization (recommended if ordering to sell from an inventory or have frequent orders that can be distributed regularly to participants). We also provide an option to ship gift cards direct to a participant’s home for an additional fee.

How do I find my organization’s enrollment code?

This is the unique code that is used by participants to track earnings to the correct organization. The code is provided to the program’s coordinator in the welcome email and also accessible via your account dashboard. If you are a participant, please see your program’s coordinator to access the code.