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How Gift Card Fundraising Works

Gift card fundraising, also known as scrip fundraising, has been the #1 fundraiser for nonprofit organizations across the U.S. for more than 25 years.

Why? Because it’s easy and more convenient than selling goods or recruiting volunteers. Earn simply by buying gift cards to use for everyday purchases, instead of cash or credit cards.

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With RaiseRight, you fundraise simply by using gift cards to pay for things like groceries, clothing, and gas

Gift cards that give back

See how easy it is to buy and earn online with this example.


Buy a $100 Gap eGift card from RaiseRight, with 14% earnings. Pay with your bank account or credit card.


Your $100 eGift card is delivered to your online “Wallet” instantly, ready to use or save for later.


You automatically earned $14 for your fundraising account. Way to go!

Gap _Image

Your earnings come from the brand, so no extra money out of your pocket.

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Simple steps to fundraising success

Online enrollment page on RaiseRight
Start a free program for your organization

Complete a quick online enrollment form. We'll get you ready to earn in just a couple of days. No commitment, no minimums, and no fees to join.


Earnings go to your organization vs. your individual participants. You can provide direct deposit information during enrollment for convenient and secure delivery of your funds.

Coordinator dashboard view when you're signed into your accountCoordinator dashboard view when you're signed into your accountCoordinator dashboard view when you're signed into your accountCoordinator dashboard view when you're signed into your account
Invite your participants to join

Once your organization is approved, you'll receive a unique enrollment code that your participants will need to join your fundraiser. You’ll receive this in your welcome email, plus it’s accessible in your account dashboard. You’ll be the fundraising hero when your organization members find out they can fundraise simply by shopping the brands they love.


We provide email templates and other invite materials to help you get the word out and help new participants get started.

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Shop gift cards & start earning

With 750+ brands to choose from, there is a brand for every household need or wish list. Plus, you can pick from eGift cards, physical gift cards, and reloading funds digitally onto existing physical gift cards. It’s instant earning with every purchase. Gift cards from RaiseRight have no activation fees and they never expire.


When you order physical gift cards, you can place a combined order for your organization and have them shipped to one location to distribute. Or, participants can choose the ship to home option to have their gift cards sent right to their home address.

View of the gift card wallet where you access, manage, and use your purchased gift cards
Use your gift cards

Use your physical gift cards in-store or online, or access your eGift cards right from your online account. Stored in your Wallet, you can easily view, use, and organize to quickly find the ones you use most. Our mobile app makes it easy to access and use your eGift cards anytime, anywhere.


You can also track your gift card balance for reloadable gift cards and eGift cards right in your online Wallet.

Track earnings

Your organization determines how funds earned are allocated—one general fund, by participant, or a combination. Track your earnings with customizable online reports and watch your fundraising dollars add up. Participants can also track their fundraising amounts and see their progress over the last 3, 6 and 12 months. There’s no limit to your earning potential.


Our program tools are flexible, so you can manage your program in the way that’s best for your organization.

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Watch the earnings add up

Participants can easily earn $1,000+ each year by turning their everyday purchases into earnings.No extra time. No extra money.

Expense Category Monthly Budget* RaiseRight
Earnings Avg
Annual Earnings
Groceries $1,000 4% $480
Gasoline $300 3% $108
Dining Out $250 10% $300
Entertainment $200 8% $192
Clothing $250 8% $240
Home Improvement $100 4% $48
Total $1,368

*Based on average spend for a household family of 4

Gift card fundraising is the best way to fundraise, simply by changing the way you pay for your purchases. Plus, unlike earning with credit card reward programs, there are no category limits, earning caps, or interest fees. With endless earning potential, there's no limit to how much money you can raise.

It’s the no-brainer fundraiser

Hear from some of our top program coordinators as they share how they’ve maximized value through gift card fundraising.

The power of gift card fundraising

Still have questions?

Is there a fee to join?

No. Starting a program is free, with no minimum order requirements. Your organization will only pay shipping fees for gift cards that are delivered to your organization. Participants will be charged a fee based on the payment method they choose to purchase gift cards or if they select the option to ship to home.  

Do we have to be a registered 501(c)(3) organization to join?

No. We do not require this information to start a program, but we do go through a manual approval process to make sure your organization is a U.S. community-based organization that isn’t for individual benefit or for-profit.

Why is a payment method required to set up a program?

Earnings are distributed to your organization, not the individual participants, so the payment method designates how these funds will go back to your organization. Think of it like setting up automatic payment for utilities or other ongoing services to provide a convenient and secure transfer of money.

How are physical gift cards delivered?

Our standard program offering includes the option to ship gift cards to the organization (recommended if ordering to sell from an inventory or have frequent orders that can be distributed regularly to participants). We also provide an option to ship gift cards direct to a participant’s home for an additional fee.

How do I find my organization’s enrollment code?

This is the unique code that is used by participants to track earnings to the correct organization. The code is provided to the program’s coordinator in the welcome email and also accessible via your account dashboard. If you are a participant, please see your program’s coordinator to access the code.

What is scrip?

The term scrip has historically been used as an alternate name for gift card fundraising, since scrip refers to an alternate form of currency. Instead of selling goods or planning events, gift card (aka scrip) fundraising participants can earn for their fundraiser or cause by using gift cards to pay for everyday purchases. 

Teacher assisting a male student in classroom of a private school
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I earn for private school

“There’s like a lightbulb moment when people first start using it and they see just how easy it is and that there actually is no catch. You’ll want to buy everything through RaiseRight.”

Molly L, Minnesota

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