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Dance teams have trusted RaiseRight to
fundraise for 25 years. Here’s why they love it.

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Earn 5x more than other travel dance team fundraisers

The highest earning dance team on RaiseRight's platform raised $23,509 in 2023.

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Flexible, free programs that meet your dance team’s needs

RaiseRight makes it easy to maximize, track, and reward your gift card fundraising. And with no program costs or fees, you keep what you earn.

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Unlimited earning potential with no restrictions

Families can raise more than $1,000 in a single year to go towards whatever your team needs.

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Year-round fundraising, without extra effort

Families help your dance competition team earn by using gift cards for their everyday purchases, so there’s no event setup, no door-to-door selling, and no unnecessary elbow-grease.

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Everyday earning through everyday spending

Raise money just by buying gas, groceries, and other necessities, so there’s no need to shell out extra for things you don’t need.

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Brands give back generously

More than 750 brands give back an average of 6% of each gift card, so no matter your taste or budget, you can make an impact.

"I have two daughters that dance competitively and a third daughter that dances as well. Two years ago, RaiseRight was brought to my attention as we were preparing to travel to a national dance competition. I felt overwhelmed and a little nervous about shopping electronically. I didn't take advantage of the program at that time and had many questions. I felt regret the whole time. As we prepare for another nationals out of state, now 2 years later, I wasn't about to let anything get in my way! I jumped in this summer and got my account set up. We have been using RaiseRight for 6 months and have earned over $1,000 to help cover some of our costs. This is huge! It has made us feel more comfortable with letting them chase their dreams and to add a solo and a duo this year. I have become the coordinator of our team account and strive to help other families at our studio feel more comfortable with using RaiseRight. I don't want anyone to not jump in because they are nervous. It is so quick and easy. It has made a difference in our lives. I am grateful for RaiseRight!”

Dance team coordinator, Jennifer

How Gift Card Fundraising Works

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Buy gift cards

You get the full value of the card. Shop from 750+ popular brands.

family celebrates the funds they have raised with gift card fundraising
Earn funds

The brand gives back and the earnings from your participants are distributed to your cheerleading team.

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Allocate earnings

Use funds for whatever you need, like uniforms, coaching, and more.

No-limit dance team fundraising means more money for:

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Competition fees

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Uniforms and equipment


Travel expenses

end of season parties icon

Team celebrations

field and gym rentals icon

Coaching and training


The Gift Card Fundraising Playbook

Want to learn more about gift card fundraising?

Download our guide to see how you can start earning 5x more for your fundraising program!
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