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Retailer Rewards Programs: Your Guide to Where and How Much You Can Earn


How often are you checking out while you’re shopping and the cashier gives you a spiel about their rewards program? You know, the one that goes like this:

Cashier: Are you a part of our rewards program?

You: No, I’m not

Cashier: Would you like to sign up today and get 10% off your purchase?

You: I’m alright, thanks.

We know this might be a little bit of a nuisance having to reject the offer every time you’re at the store, so why reject it? You might think that you can’t possibly manage another card in your wallet, but if you’re a frequent shopper, you might be surprised at what you could be earning.

Plus, we’re not talking about opening a new store credit card you’d have to pay off. These are just the rewards programs that you join to rack up rewards points, deals, and coupons, then you can pay however you want. And yes, that includes scrip! Now, signing up for rewards programs can increase the number of emails you receive, so choose what programs you want to join based off of where you shop the most frequently.

If you’re not sure where to begin, we’ve laid out rewards programs based on shopping categories, and we’ve detailed what you can earn with scrip! These are all no-cost or low-cost programs to join, which means you might just need a gift card to start earning. Click on the linked category below to skip to that section or get the scoop on every category (be warned, there’s a lot of good info here!):

Coffee and Food

Who says you need to kick your coffee and fast food addiction? Simply get your scrip, join these awesome rewards programs, and earn on your habit!

Starbucks Rewards

This is one rewards program that isn’t free to start, but all you need is at least a $5 Starbucks gift card that you can register on the Starbucks Mobile App. Then, when you start spending with that card or with your app, you will earn 2 stars for every dollar you spend. These stars can go toward free food and drinks, and you’ll also get a free birthday drink! When you’re running low on funds, you can either buy an e-gift card or if you’re using a reloadable Starbucks gift card from ShopWithScrip, you can reload the card that’s connected to your Starbucks App. You’ll earn 7% with scrip, not to mention all of your stars!  

Dunkin’ Donuts DD Perks

Here’s another great rewards program for coffee lovers. When you sign up for DD Perks, you’ll get a 200 point bonus, and then you’ll start earning 5 points for every dollar you spend. In addition to a free birthday drink, you’ll also receive a free drink once you’ve accumulated 200 points. If you order a physical gift card for Dunkin’ Donuts from ShopWithScrip, you’ll earn 3%, and if you order an e-gift card, you’ll bring in 2.5%!

Panera Bread MyPanera

If you have a bagel and you-pick-two problem, you’ll want to be a part of the MyPanera rewards program. You’ll rack up rewards and get a personalized online ordering experience. Plus, when you use your Panera Bread gift card or e-gift card, you’ll earn 8%.

Subway Restaurant Rewards

Subway Restaurants are still an incredibly popular chain for a fast and filling sandwich. If you frequent the sandwich shop, sign up for the Subway Rewards program so you can earn 1 point per dollar and redeem them for anything. Like Starbucks, you just have to register a Subway gift card on your account, then you’ll be ready to earn. When the funds run low, simply reload your Subway gift card on and earn 6%.

Pizza Regulars

If it feels like every night is pizza night at your house (which isn’t a bad thing!), you need to get in on these rewards programs!


Papa John’s Pizza Papa Rewards

With the Papa Rewards program, you will earn 1 point for every $5 you spend. Then, you can redeem your points for sides, desserts, or even pizzas! Plus, you’ll get a 10 point bonus for your birthday. Pay for your pizza with a physical gift card or an e-gift card from ShopWithScrip, and you will have already earned 8%!

Domino’s Piece of the Pie Rewards

If Domino’s Pizza is your family favorite, get signed up for the Piece of the Pie Rewards program. One order you place is worth 10 points, and when you hit 60 points, you get a free pizza! With a loyalty program like that, you can feel good about always grabbing a pizza. Plus, you’ll earn 8% by using Domino’s scrip to pay!

Retail Therapy Enthusiasts

You probably already score great savings at your favorite retail stores, but you could earn even more by joining these loyalty programs.


Kohl’s Yes 2 You Rewards

Kohl’s Yes 2 You Rewards program is pretty standard, where you earn 1 point for every $5 you spend, and you get a $5 reward when you reach 100 points. You can pay however you want, whether that’s with scrip, a credit card, or your Kohl’s charge card.

If you frequently shop at Kohl’s, consider purchasing a Kohl’s charge card. I know, I know, but then you wouldn’t be able to use scrip, right? Wrong! You can use scrip to pay off the balance on your charge card and still earn 4%.

Nordstrom Rewards

If you’re looking for a great rewards program to help you earn while you’re revamping your wardrobe, look no further than Nordstrom Rewards! You’ll earn 1 point for every dollar you spend at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, and HauteLook. You’ll earn even more when you use a Nordstrom gift card or e-gift card with a 6% rebate. Once you earn 2,000 points, you’ll receive a $20 Nordstrom Note to use on any purchase!

JCPenney Rewards

Another department store with a great rewards program is JCPenney. While they have a lot of options for JCPenney Cardmembers, regular rewards members have a few great benefits too, plus you can use your scrip and earn 5%. 1 point is the equivalent of $2 spent, and you’ll get a $10 reward after earning 200 points!

Beauty Gurus

If you’re into beauty, you know how expensive your passion can get. Luckily, there are some great ways to get rewarded.


Sephora Beauty Insider

When you’re dropping a lot of money on makeup, make it work for you! That’s what the Beauty Insider Rewards Program is all about. You’ll earn 1 point for every dollar you spend at Sephora, and that gives you access to a birthday gift, access to the Rewards Bazaar, and more. The more points you earn, the more rewards become available to you. With a scrip gift card or e-gift card, you’ll earn 5%, which we think is beautiful!

ULTA Ultamate Rewards

ULTA Beauty has an awesome rewards program where you earn 1 point for every dollar spent, but there are tons of opportunities for double or triple your points on certain purchases! Additionally, you get two times the points all throughout your birthday month, and you get a free birthday gift. With their three membership levels, the more you spend at ULTA, the faster you’ll earn points. While you could apply for the Ultamate Rewards Credit Card so you can earn two times the points per one dollar, we suggest sticking with scrip and earning a 4% rebate.

Drugstore Devotees

From picking up prescriptions to doing the bulk of your shopping, pharmacies have become a one-stop-shop! So make the most of the money you spend there.

CVS Pharmacy Extra Care

If you love coupons, you’ll love the Extra Care card from CVS. Every time you use your Extra Care card, you can earn 2% back in ExtraBucks, plus your card gives you access to tons of sales and deals. When it comes to paying, bring your reloadable CVS gift card, or order an e-gift card that you can print and bring with you, and earn 6%!

Walgreens Balance Rewards

Walgreens rewards program takes the earnings outside of the store. While you will earn 10 points for every dollar you spend and 100 points on a 30-day prescription, you can also get rewarded for healthy behavior after you connect a couple of apps! And with scrip, you’ll earn 5% on your physical gift card.

Avid Movie-goers

You know how pricey a couple of movie tickets can be. Check out these loyalty programs for two theater chains and start earning!


Regal Crown Club

If you always catch a movie at a Regal Theatre, consider joining the Regal Crown Club. Members earn credits on their ticket purchases and concessions and can then redeem these for rewards. Double down on the credits toward other movie tickets and concessions and earn 8% with scrip when you pay for your tickets.

AMC Stubs

How do discounted ticket Tuesdays and free refills on large popcorn sound? You can get that and more when you’re a part of the AMC Stubs program. Buy your tickets with scrip and earn 8% while also earning 20 points per dollar!


You save your money by doing the work yourself, now get rewarded for it!


Ace Hardware Ace Rewards

If home improvement is always on your to-do list, consider joining the Ace Rewards program. You’ll receive coupons and sales reminders, in addition to 1,000 bonus points just to get you started. For scale, 2,500 points gets you a $5 reward! You can earn 10 points for every dollar you spend, and with a 4% rebate on scrip, your home improvement projects will have you earning big!

AutoZone Rewards

If you work on your car frequently, having an AutoZone Rewards card is pretty valuable. You’ll get 1 credit for every $20 transaction you place, and after earning 5 credits, you’ll receive a $20 reward! Credits earned do expire after a year, so like I mentioned, this card is good if you do a lot of work on the cars. With scrip, you can earn 8% on a physical gift card or 7% on an e-gift card to add to your earnings.

Office Supplies Fanatics

Whether you work from home, or you’re just obsessed with printing and organizational things, you’ll want to get in on these programs to help you earn on office supplies!

Office Depot/Office Max Rewards

You’ll earn 2% back on practically everything in store and have access to certain member’s only savings, and with scrip at 5% you’ll earn even more. Additionally, you’ll get $2 back in rewards for every ink and toner cartridge you bring into the store to recycle.

Staples Rewards

Earn up to 2% back in rewards at Staples, but depending on how much you spend in a year, you could earn up to 5%. Just like Office Depot/Office Max, you’ll receive $2 back in rewards per ink cartridge you recycle. Staples fundraising gift cards is available in physical gift cards and e-gift cards and offers a great 5% rebate.

Phew- that was a lot of information about earnings, and we didn’t even touch on every single shopping category! After sorting through all of these rewards programs, it’s pretty easy to see why there are 3.8 billion customer loyalty memberships in the US. And hopefully, you have a solid plan to start earning more on your frequent shopping!

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