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Spring Cleaning List: 8 Tips to Freshen Up Your Home

father and daughter cleaning the kitchen countertop

Ready to put away winter and breathe in the fresh air of spring? 

Tackling a spring cleaning list and finding ways to freshen up your home will surely put you in the mood for the flowering season. 

Read on for eight useful tips for spring cleaning and sprucing up your decorating—room by room.

1. Invite spring in

From the front to the back door and all the windows in between, invest some time to ensure you’ve got a clear view of the season’s robins and tulips. This means: 

  • Washing windows
  • Checking all window and window lock functions (and making any necessary repairs)
  • Removing any temporary window insulation film 
  • Laundering or spot-cleaning and steaming drapes

woman cleaning windows at home

2. Spring for new throws

Still resting your head on a tree-print pillow or snuggling up with an ugly sweater-themed couch throw? Put holiday-themed and heavyweight textiles away for the year, and switch to lighter colors and fabrics.

Throws and decorative pillows from a discount store or home goods outlet, like Big Lots or Marshalls, are a budget-friendly way to instantly give your living room a new look and a fresh feel.

3. Swap out bedding

Bedrooms present another opportunity to lighten up your textiles. Wash and put away heavyweight toppers and flannel sheet sets in favor of lighter bedding material like: 

  • Percale cotton or blends
  • Linen
  • Bamboo
  • Tencel

Launder new sheets before using them, as well as rarely-washed items like mattress protectors, bed skirts, and decorative shams.

Along with warm-weather sheets, you may want to grab new bed pillows, especially if yours are lumpy or discolored. According to sleep experts, most pillows—and pillowcases—should be replaced every one to two years. Consider testing the give and support levels in person by pillow shopping at a local home goods store like HomeGoods or Macy's.

4. Lighten up your kitchen

Kitchens and pantries are home to countless products that take up space but don’t always see the light of day. Even if you wash dishes and wipe your counters daily, kitchen spring cleaning is necessary to remove accumulated dirt and clutter. 

Plan to: 

  • Empty and wipe down your refrigerator, and throw out unused and expired products
  • Wash cutlery trays and ditch accumulated junk like fast-food plasticware
  • Match plastic or glass containers with their lids and toss any orphans
  • Wipe down cabinet interiors and exteriors
  • Deep-clean the oven, cooktop, hood or range, and backsplash
  • Reconsider which countertop appliances you should leave out, and put away less-used items

clean modern kitchen

5. Spring-clean your bathroom

A spring refresh for your bathroom can include a combination of deep cleaning and swapping out decorative items. In addition to standard cleaning, you may want to: 

  • Launder or purchase a new bath mat and outer shower curtain 
  • Replace the shower curtain liner and any worn or rusting items like soap racks
  • Buy and install a water-saving toilet flapper to reduce your water bill
  • Vacuum the heating and exhaust vents
  • Caulk your shower and clean and seal the grout
6. Pay extra attention to the exterior

It’s time to head outside to continue the spring-cleaning streak! For your home’s exterior: 

  • Check for winter damage to eaves, gutters, and siding
  • Clear away cobwebs, leaves, and dirt from entryways, patios, and roofs
  • Purchase or make a nontoxic spider repellent to apply around doors and windows
  • Clean and re-connect gutter downspouts and extensions 
  • Try these spring DIY home improvement project ideas if you’re feeling a bit more ambitious
7. Clean and update outdoor furniture

Invest time in your patio furnishings before plopping down to sit on them. Depending on how well they were protected over the winter, your to-do list might include:

  • Spray painting metal patio tables and chairs
  • Washing teak and all-weather wicker with gentle soap, water, and a soft-bristle brush
  • Running cushion covers through the washer and allowing them to air-dry
  • Vacuuming and spot-cleaning outdoor rugs

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spring-themed outdoor seating with pillows on a bench

8. Welcome the green

Finally, take a look at your lawn. This spring, you may want to: 

  • Seed and/or fertilize your lawn
  • Plan a new or updated garden
  • Visit Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Menards for hostas or other greenery to add
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