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Get started with your new RaiseRight fundraising program

Gift card fundraising means unlimited earning potential. Unlike other fundraisers, you can generate significant and ongoing funding 24/7, 365 days a year—with many of your participants earning $1,000 or more each year. Plus, you’re not asking people in your organization to spend any extra time or money, so it’s easy to participate.

Get Started Today
Earning with RaiseRight is unlimited, with opportunities to earn anytime and anywhere

Step 1: Sign up at

It’s free to set up. No obligation and no commitments. It just takes a few minutes. Here's what to expect.


Submit your information

Complete our online form. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up an account for yourself and your organization.​


Upload a voided check

To receive earnings, you will need to upload or email a photo of a voided check from your organization or connect your organization’s online bank account.​

Once you submit your information, your program should be approved and ready to go in 1-2 days.

Step 2: Determine how you’ll manage the funds raised by your participants

Each organization can choose the percent of earnings you share with participants. We recommend 80% or more shared back with participants, but it can depend on how your organization is set up and what your goals are. Typically, the higher the percentage of earnings you share with participants, the more they fundraise.

By establishing this up front, you can communicate this information to new participants so they know how earnings will be used. You also have the flexibility to change your earnings % at any time.


Private School


10%: Operating budget / scholarships 90%: Family tuition account


Athletic Team


5%: Admin fees (shipping costs, printing) 95%: Travel costs, uniforms, etc.

Step 3: Invite participants & help them to start earning

Don’t worry, we’re here to help with this. Share out information within your organization. Here are some ideas.

Host a kickoff event

Provide an overview and share a quick video. Pro Tip: Motivate participation by including a drawing to win a gift card for everyone who creates their account during the event.

Send an email using our Invite Email tool

You can upload email addresses to send out a templated email through RaiseRight. We will automatically send a reminder, and track who signs up so you can easily see the result.

Add information to your organization’s website or Facebook page

Have them contact you directly for your enrollment code so you can keep this information offline and private.

Encourage online payment

This means participants will pay RaiseRight directly using a bank account, debit card, or credit card when they order gift cards, and you can avoid the hassle of chasing people down for checks. Plus, it means immediate access to their purchased gift cards, reloaded funds on some physical gift cards, and access to our ship to home option.

NOTE: To set up their account, participants will need your organization’s unique enrollment code (found on your Coordinator Dashboard). Point new participants to follow these easy steps to sign up and start earning.

See additional resources we have created to help you get the word out and help participants enroll.

Step 4: Coordinate your organization orders & gift card distribution

Optional: This only applies if you are allowing organization orders or selling from inventory.

The coordinator dashboard includes clear alerts when there are pending orders from your participants that require action.

Pending orders

When you or your participants order physical gift cards and do not use the Ship to Home option, the orders will be stored as pending in your coordinator account to approve and submit. Many organizations set a schedule to place orders on a regular basis (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly). All orders are shipped via UPS to your organization, and you distribute to participants from there.

RaiseRight's organization gift card ordering page

Order in bulk

Ordering gift cards in bulk is a great way to increase your organization earnings if you have opportunities to sell gift cards at your school, sporting event, church services, or other in-person events. This can be especially popular if you have participants that want to support your organization, but don’t want to set up their own account.

For more information on shipping options and costs, visit our Shipping Options page.

Step 5: Track your organization’s earnings

All earnings are paid back to your organization. It is up to you how you distribute the funds to your participants.


With online reports available from RaiseRight, it makes it easy to track who has ordered what and how much they have earned so you can track this weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.

To learn more about how the funds will come back to your organization, visit our Earnings Distribution page.

Need more help?

Find helpful updates and promotional resources on the Coordinator Resource page.

Check out our FAQs.

Contact a New Program Advisor.

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