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Developing a Community of Champions in Life

It takes a village. This African proverb holds true for the Never Down for the Count Youth Center (NDFTC), whose mission is to become "village builders" for the kids who need it most. 25% of youth in the community live in poverty, with the number continuing to rise. The youth center currently offers a boxing club, and they are mapping out future plans to include tutoring, life skill mentoring, wellness resources, and more.

The gift card fundraising program was started at NDFTC three years ago as a way to support operational vitality. Thanks to the funds raised through gift cards, they are able to pay for their current gym rental and utilities while also planning and building their new youth center.

“I see gift cards being a fabulous resource for fundraising. We want to break the cycle that we have in our community, to help get these kids graduated, get jobs and be active people of the community.”
- Sandie, program coordinator