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Educational Opportunities for All to Excel

If the school that won the 2017 National Academic Championship uses gift cards to raise funds for school, you know it's smart. The champions, Indiana School for the Deaf (ISD), started their program a few years ago to help fund education grants. But, their school story started long before. For the past 175 years, ISD has provided a well-rounded education for Deaf and hard-of-hearing students from nursery school through high school.

As participation in the gift card fundraising program grew, the Parent Teacher Counselor Organization set and achieved a new goal—to help fund an incredible educational experience. After learning about Cambodia and Vietnam during the school year, students took a 15-day immersion trip to Asia with the help of Hands on Travel, a tour group specializing in sign language.

The program furthers the school’s mission to provide meaningful learning opportunities—in and out of the classroom.