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Caring for Cats in Need

In 2009, a cat was brought to the Friends of Felines' Rescue Center (FFRC) after being found on the side of an icy road. Feliz Navidad, named due to her Christmas arrival at the center, suffered from permanent medical issues, inspiring FFRC to create the ShopWithScrip-supported Feliz Navidad Medical Fund.

“All cats and kittens are spayed or neutered before leaving our facility. The funds raised through gift card fundraising help to pay for these programs and reduce the cost to the general public.”
–Angie, program coordinator

The earnings from this fund go toward spaying and neutering cats and kittens, vaccinating them, and paying for their vet visits, medications, surgeries, leukemia test kits, as well as any other medical care needed. Through gift card fundraising, FFRC volunteers and visitors have earned almost $8,000, which has helped pay for 60-80 cats and kittens to be spayed or neutered each month.