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Preparing Students for a Lifetime of Learning and Leading

Arie Crown Hebrew Day School (ACHDS) provides students with a comprehensive religious and secular education from preschool through eighth grade. The gift card fundraising program purpose is two-fold: to raise funds for school operational costs and to offer parents an opportunity to offset tuition costs. ACHDS families are given the goal of earning $300 in rebates to help secure funding for everyday costs at the school. Beyond that, half of any additional rebates earned are credited to a family's tuition cost. Last year, the program brought in over $18,000 for the school.

“My favorite thing about raising money with this program is that it’s easy for parents to do. It’s money they’re spending anyway.”
–Rivkah, program coordinator

Ready to start earning?

Here are some next steps to get the ball rolling:

  1. See why RaiseRight is the #1 fundraising idea for schools.
  2. Learn more about how gift card fundraising works.
  3. Download the Gift Card Fundraising Playbook and share it with other parents.
  4. Start a free program by completing a short, online enrollment form.  

If you’re a member of an organization looking to join an existing program, you just need your enrollment code to create an account and begin fundraising right away.