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How to Send eGift Cards
as Gifts in Bulk

eGift cards are the most convenient way to earn on all your gifting—whether for a birthday, holiday, or even gifting in bulk for teachers, graduates, or your team at the office. With the “Send as a gift by email” feature, learn how you can send eGift cards to as many as 125 recipients all at once.

Send Bulk eGifts

How to Send eGift cards as Gifts in Bulk

Bulk eGifting is recommended when gifting more than 5 eGift cards at a time (up to 125 recipients per order) and is only available on the desktop version of To send individual gifts on the website or app, see our eGifting Flyer for instructions.



Step 1: Log in at on desktop and select a brand and eGift card denomination.

Every recipient in a Bulk eGifting order will receive the same brand and eGift card amount. (Note— before starting a Bulk eGift order, make sure to first checkout any existing eGift card items in your cart.)




Step 2: Click “Send as a gift by email”

Under Gift Type, choose “Bulk Order” to send the chosen eGift card as a gift to up to 125 recipients. Or, to send individual eGift cards, choose “Single Gift” and see our eGifting Flyer for step-by-step instructions.



Step 3: Choose a design for your eGift Card (if applicable)

When a brand has multiple eGift card designs available, you can choose the design that you would like to send to recipients. For brands with only one design available, begin with the next step for scheduling delivery.



Step 4: Select a delivery date for sending the eGift cards by email

Your eGift cards can be sent right away or scheduled for a future date.



Step 5: Provide your name (Sender's Name) and an optional custom message for recipients

All gift recipients in your bulk eGift card order will receive the same accompanying message in the email.



Step 6: Download the recipient contact list template

Add recipients’ names and email addresses to the template, then save and upload the file to import contact information.

We recommend using the template provided, but if you are not using the template, ensure that there are only two columns in your spreadsheet that are labeled Recipient Name and Recipient Email. The file must be saved as a CSV file. To save your contact file as a CSV for uploading, choose File > Save As. On the dialog box, name your file and select .csv from the dropdown field next to File Format (Mac) or Save as type (Windows).



Step 7: Confirm order details

Review a summary of your bulk eGift order and confirm.



Step 8: Add to cart, check out, and earn

Every eGift card that you send earns for your organization.

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