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RaiseRight Rebrand Resource Center

Answers and tools to support an enhanced gift card fundraising platform

We are now RaiseRight, with a new website experience and company name.

By bringing all our program tools under the RaiseRight name, we’ve created one, consistent experience between our mobile app and website. Now it’s even easier to earn with gift cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What changed?

Our name. Now you’ll see one RaiseRight brand across all our platforms and communications.

Our online experience. We've enhanced our website to create a more consistent experience across devices. Participants can now access popular features and benefits on our website,, previously available only on the mobile app:

  • A mobile-friendly experience whether you’re on the app or our website
  • An earnings dashboard chart
  • The option to choose ‘Ship to Home’ and have physical gift cards sent directly to their home address

Access to program tools and alerts. We improved your ability to access and view helpful tools and information, including a new Resource Center for coordinators and participants.

What DID NOT change?

Your earning potential. As always, there are no limits to how much you can earn or when.

All your favorite brands. 750+ national and regional brands, with new additions all the time. Choose from e-gift cards, physical gift cards, and reloadable card options.

The mobile app. Enjoy the same fast and secure sign-in, effortless shopping, and one-touch access to your gift cards.

Our team. We are the same company with the same dedicated leadership and team you’ve come to rely on.

Our in-house customer support. Our responsive team of experts remains at your service, offering personalized support via chat, email, or phone.

Is anything changing with your coordinator management tools?

A lot of the tools you use to run your program (e.g., order entry, PO Manager, Scripware, reports) have stayed the same, although you will notice a change to the branding of these to RaiseRight. Your dashboard view is enhanced to improve the layout of information and alert you to any pending participant orders. We've also introduced a new Coordinator Resource Center that is your one-stop shop for news, promos, and promotional resources.

Where can I find promotional materials or other information that used to be under the Support section of the website?

We have created a Coordinator Resource Center and a Participant Resource Center. These will house important updates (aka “What’s New”) like new brands, bonuses, large promotions as well as important tools you may need to help you get started, promote your program, or learn more about gift card fundraising.

For new logos and to update any existing materials you may have created, access the rebrand assets provided below.

Did any features change with the new website experience?

Yes, we are enhancing the website experience to bring in popular features that until now have only been available on the mobile app, including ship to home, saving favorites, and an enhanced gift card Wallet. To streamline the experience and bring in these additional features, the new website also means we are retiring some features that have become outdated or had lower usage. This includes viewing gift card images, setting up Shopping Lists and Shopping Reminders, and accessing Scrip Vacations, plus the use of Coordinator Announcements and Messages.

What is happening to MyScripWallet?

This new site experience, plus the existing mobile app, will permanently replace MyScripWallet. Users will no longer have access to MyScripWallet starting in a few weeks. If you or anyone in your organization has continued to use MyScripWallet, they will be notified separately so they are aware of the discontinuation and timing.

Can I still use my same account information?

Yes. Login credentials and account access do not change, so you can continue to choose from a website or mobile app experience based on your preference. You will not lose any information related to order history, purchased gift cards, and earnings.

If you have any links bookmarked, you will be redirected to the new experience on

Promotional Materials

New resources available to help spread the word and promote the new experience

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