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Achieving Fundraising Goals with Fun Incentives

Chilton Area Catholic School, located in Chilton, WI, has been gift card fundraising for over 20 years. Run entirely by volunteers, their program encourages participation by offering fun incentives when fundraising goals are met. 

These have included the principal walking to school, the parish priest shaving his head and beard, ice cream sundaes for the students, and an arctic splash challenge where staff members volunteered to have ice cold water dumped on their heads on a cold day in February. All of these challenges were based on the amount of sales reached for the month. The earnings help cover budgetary expenses and are split with families to assist with tuition costs as well. 

“For the past several years, we have had a goal of selling at least $1 million through the CACS Scrip Program. We had come up short in the past, so we did an extra push at the end of 2022 and were finally able to reach $1 million in sales! For us being a small school of 120 students, with a program run completely by volunteers, this is an amazing accomplishment.”

-Deb, Program coordinator